Number of employees in the sector – 10.
Sector surface – 324 m2.


Plexa laminator.

Finalizing and packing

When the production of intermediate goods in different sectors is finished, it is necessary to form the final product, package it, and prepare it for transport or temporary storing in the finished products storage. This activity happens in the Finalizing and Packaging sector.

Forming of cardboard displays, the assembly of metal forex displays, the processing of palette wrappers and the lamination of panels are just some of the activities that our colleagues in the sector for finalizing and packaging deal with.

Packaging and running control of finished products ready for transport or storing, as well as preparing necessary material for assembly of advertising materials in field, are the activities that fall within the scope of this sector.

This experienced and organized team works every day on finding solutions to make sure that our products reach the client safely and in agreed deadlines.