Number of employees in the sector – 5.
Sector surface – 202m2.


2x Mimaki JFX 500, print speed 60 m2/h, 6 PcL 
DGI Pola Jet ,print speed 100 m2/h, 15 PcL 
DGI PQ, print speed 50 m2/h, 7 PcL 
Roland Express, print speed 20m2/h, 5 PcL 
HP Latex 360, print speed 20 m2/h, 5 PcL
HP 11000 Sitex

Large format printing

2006 was a stepping stone in the Banim Reklame’s development. That was exactly the year when our company became wealthier for a new machine and a sector.

Acquiring the large format printing machine and introducing new technology started up a trend of constant investment in the equipment that meets the demands of contemporary market. From a small firm employing only a couple of workers, Banim soon grew to a large company.

Innovative thinking is the key point of our business, which enables us to offer our clients the solutions that completely match their needs. By following these guidelines, a team of designers adjusts the printing format to our clients’ needs. Having formed the commercial element in the rest of the sectors, our printing team takes upon itself to breathe the clients’ visual identity into the product.

Together with our customers, we create solutions that you notice in your everyday environment. We have developed the collaboration with clients that are leaders in their spheres of business, and they are incessantly pursuing new aspects of utilizing our production, thus inspiring us to constantly develop and extend our own boundaries. Today, Banim has three different large format printing technologies – Solvent, UV, and Latex.