Number of employees 12. 
Sector surface – 892 m2.

Metal Processing

The Metal Processing sector within the Banim Reklame company was established at the beginning of 2008. The prerequisites for answering the challenges of competitive market and making ourselves recognizable in it are modern equipment and the staff trained to use it.

A high level of precision, innovative methods of combining and processing metal elements, as well as an exquisite quality of final processing are the qualities that distinguish our Metal Processing sector.

In order to extend the boundaries of quality and offer our clients a product that meets, or even exceeds their demands, we prioritize continuous improvement and following current trends. This is the point of view that all teams in Banim share. Our colleagues from the Metal Processing sector are always open for innovation and changes thereof, and consider that kind of mindset the only road to success.

When defining goals, the Metal Processing sector team sets the standard rather high, and that standard is successfully achieved owing to the processes based on the CNC technology, highly skillful staff, and employees’ teamwork.