Number of employees in the sector – 10.
Sector surface – 450 m2.


Esko XP (2 pcs.)
Pgm MB Flexa – 2 kom
Plastic bending machine AFF 135
Plastic bending machine HRK 65-125
G-WEIKE 1325D laser

Plastic processing

Plastic Processing sector is the youngest one in the production facilities of Banim.

The very beginnings date back to 2011, when the first CNC router was procured. This technology brought us the possibility to produce 3D letters and led us into a whole new world which demanded the development of engineering, planning and industrial design. Today, we process all types of panels on the most sophisticated machines in the plastic processing facilities. Thermoforming, laser cutting, plastic polishing, cardboard processing, as well as the installation of state-of-the-art LED lighting and high-technology LED elements and sensors falls into the scope of plastic processing operations.

Due to a fast pace of technological innovation and thanks to the young staff that is characterized by taking initiative and giving suggestions for further enhancements, the Plastic Processing sector has immense potential for further development.

Introducing the plastic processing technology has significantly expanded the range of products, which strengthened the competitiveness and complemented the integrated production system which we take most pride in.