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Product development

The product development sector is in charge of making the first step towards meeting the clients’ needs. Interpreting clients’ demands through the language of production is the main occupation of this team that consists of the employee profiles such as graphic designers and accessories engineers. Our colleagues from the development sector put ideas into effect, by closely cooperating with clients in preparing solutions that distinguish themselves.

Graphic designers create the material in such a format as to prepare it for realization in the printing sector, while our team of accessories engineers stands behind every 3D letter, illuminated advertising board, billboard, or advertising display inside a trading facility that is produced.

Accessories engineers develop the form of the element that will be a carrier of a visual identity created within graphical design -a prime example of symbiosis.

What the employees in the product development sector have in common are creativity and the ability to reach out-of-the-box solutions quickly, as well as team work in the broadest sense of the phrase. In addition to designers and engineers, this team comprises all production processes.

This is the place where ideas are born and delivered into reality.