Number of employees in the sector – 19
Sector surface – 300 m2.



Storrage operation

Continuous increase in business scope demands constant optimization, both in the production processes and in the Business Support sectors.

One of the most important support sectors is Storage Operation. High quality storage and managing the supplies of raw materials are key prerequisites for agility and the very production quality.

In any given moment, there is a necessary quantity of raw material in our storage that ensures an immediate reaction to our customers’ demands. Our colleagues from the Storage Operations department are responsible for meeting the complex needs of integrated production system. We consider that the integrated production system and putting emphasis on quality are our main competitive advantages in the market game.

The production continuity is invaluable, and a timely identification of all sectors’ needs that comes from the storage operations support is exactly what enables an uninterrupted course of production.

When the production is finished, the intermediate goods are then returned to the storage space in the form of finished products and there they wait for a delivery in satisfactory conditions.